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2020 Ultra-Thin ALD Grown Al2O3 Capped with SiNx Enabling iVoc Reaching 720 mV on Industrial p-Type Cz c-SI Wafers for PERC Solar Cells G. Kökbudak, A.E. Keçeci, H. Nasser, M. Zolfaghari Borra, R. Turan Information
2020 Upgrade Technologies for Silicon Photovoltaics – Part I: Industrial Solution to Minimize the Negative Impact of Light Induced Degradation T. Pernau, C. Derricks, G. Hahn, L. Helmich, A. Herguth, J. Schmidt, D. Walter Information
2020 Ultrasonic-Assisted Chemical Etching (USACE) of Monocrystalline Silicon Wafer with HF-HCl-Cl2 Mixtures A. Stapf, B. Neubert, K. Halbfaß, E. Kroke Information
2020 Understanding the Reverse Behaviour of Multijunction Solar Cells J.R. Gonzalez, P. Martín, I. Rey-Stolle, C. Baur, E. Fernández Lisbona Information
2020 Uncertainty of PV Module Energy Rating Caused by Spectral Effects W. Herrmann, I. Nixdorf, J. Bonilla Castro Information
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