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2017 Understanding the Light-Induced Degradation at Elevated Temperatures: Similarities between Multicrystalline and Floatzone p-Type Silicon T. Niewelt, F. Schindler, W. Kwapil, R. Eberle, J. Schön, M.C. Schubert Information
2016 Uncertainty Analysis in the Power Rating Measurement of Solar Cell as per IEC 61853-1 R. Singh, B. Bora, O.S. Sastry, S. Rai, M. Bangar, R. Dahiya, R. Siddiqui Information
2016 UV and Visible Raman Spectroscopy Characterization of Wafer Based n+/p Junctions After Unique Diffusion Process C. Lien, C.F. Hsieh, E.Y. Wang, H.S. Wu, T.C. Wu Information
2015 Using a Nonparametric PV Model to Forecast AC Power Output of PV Plants M.P. Pinho Almeida, O. Perpiñán, L. Narvarte Fernández Information
2015 Understanding the Impact of Rapid Thermal Processing (RTP) on the Light Induced Degradation (LID) of Mono and Multi Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells A. Ebong, N. Chen, V. Unsur, A. Chowdhury Information
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