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2017 Update on Rankings of Conversion Efficiencies and Energy Yield of Micro-Inverters, Including Inverters for Two PV Modules S. Krauter, J. Bendfeld Information
2017 Understanding Contact Formation on n-PERT-RJ Solar Cells C. Comparotto, J. Theobald, J. Lossen, V.D. Mihailetchi Information
2017 Ultrafast In-Line Capable Regeneration Process for Preventing Light Induced Degradation of Boron-Doped p-Type Cz-Silicon Perc Solar Cells A.A. Brand, K. Krauß, P. Wild, S. Schörner, S. Gutscher, S. Roder, S. Rein, J. Nekarda Information
2017 Upgrade of an Industrial Al-BSF Solar Cell Line into PERC Using 3600 Wafers/Hour ALD Al2O3+SiNx Solution Ramp-Up F. Souren, B. Dielissen, X. Gay, R. Görtzen, P.R. Venema, M.R. Renes, J.R.M. Luchies Information
2017 Use of the Slopes of the Cirsures’ Sanitary Landfill for Installation of Photovoltaic Panels: A Preliminary Analysis of Initial Parameters to be Evaluated V. De Brida, F. Soares dos Reis, A.C. Pan Information
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