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2017 Upgrade of an Industrial Al-BSF Solar Cell Line into PERC Using 3600 Wafers/Hour ALD Al2O3+SiNx Solution Ramp-Up F. Souren, B. Dielissen, X. Gay, R. Görtzen, P.R. Venema, M.R. Renes, J.R.M. Luchies Information
2017 Use of Load Profiles to Optimize Microgrids of Non-Residential Environments J. da Costa Fernandes, M. Schmidt, T. Feldmann, E. Bollin Information
2017 Use of the Slopes of the Cirsures’ Sanitary Landfill for Installation of Photovoltaic Panels: A Preliminary Analysis of Initial Parameters to be Evaluated V. De Brida, F. Soares dos Reis, A.C. Pan Information
2017 Uncertainty Propagation of Spectral Matching Ratios Measured Using a Calibrated Spectroradiometer D. Pavanello, R. Galleano, R. Kenny, H. Müllejans Information
2017 Ultrasonically Tinned PVD Al Rear Contacts on High-Efficiency Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells for Module Integration H. Nagel, D. Eberlein, S. Hoffmann, M. Graf, B. Steinhauser, F. Feldmann, A. Kraft, U. Eitner, M. Glatthaar, M. Hermle, S.W. Glunz, H. Haverkamp, T. Fischer, A. Hain, P. Wohlfart, V. Mertens, J.M. Müller, T. Buck Information
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