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2019 Variation of Silicon Wafer Strength and Edge Chipping Induced by Residual Stresses at the Brick Bonding Interface R. Koepge, K. Buehler, A. Langhans, F. Kaule, E. Velispahic Information
2019 Validated Testing of Grid-Connected PV Inverters for LV Grids by Means of Controller-Hardware-in-the-Loop (CHIL) Setup G. Lauss, Z. Miletic, C. Messner, F. Leimgruber, C. Seitl Information
2018 Visions from the Future: The Interaction between Curtailment, Spinning Reserve Settings and Generator Limits on Australian Projects with Medium to High Renewable Energy Fractions B. Herteleer, G. Dickeson, L. McLeod, B. van Ree, C. Paynter, D. Airen, P. Maker, S. Latz, A. Dobb, L. Frearson Information
2018 Validation of the Meteonorm Satellite Irradiation Dataset S.C. Müller, J. Remund Information
2017 Vacancy Migration and Associated Charge-Transfer at the ZnS/CZTS Interface F.H. Bahrani, J.P. Goss, P.R. Briddon, M.J. Rayson Information
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