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2018 Validation of PV System Performance Modelling in View of Köppen-Geiger-Photovoltaic Climate Classification J. Ascencio-Vásquez, K. Brecl, M. Topic Information
2018 Visions from the Future: The Interaction between Curtailment, Spinning Reserve Settings and Generator Limits on Australian Projects with Medium to High Renewable Energy Fractions B. Herteleer, G. Dickeson, L. McLeod, B. van Ree, C. Paynter, D. Airen, P. Maker, S. Latz, A. Dobb, L. Frearson Information
2018 Validation of the Meteonorm Satellite Irradiation Dataset S.C. Müller, J. Remund Information
2018 Versatile & Lightweight Transparent Composite Technology for Advanced BIPV Architectural Solutions J.M. Vega de Seoane, O. Zubillaga, N. Yurrita, J. Aizpurua, A. Astigarraga Erleaga, I. Arrizabalaga, G. Imbuluzketa, M. Machado, A. Sanz Martinez, E. Román Medina, F.J. Cano Information
2017 Verifying Defective PV-Modules by IR-Imaging and Controlling with Module Optimizers C. Buerhop-Lutz, F.W. Fecher, T. Pickel, A. Häring, T. Adamski, C. Camus, J. Hauch, C.J. Brabec Information
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