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2020 Vertical Bifacial Solar Module Systems on Wild Flower Strips Combining Energy and Crops Production with Preservation of Biodiversity J. Schneider, N. Pannicke, H. Haufe, J. Birger, B. Volz, A. Schmeichel, N. Zwosta, M. Mattiza Information
2020 Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics - Evaluation of the Energy Yield Potential through Monitoring and Modelling A.J. Carr, E. van den Tillaart, A.R. Burgers, T. K√∂hler, B.K. Newman Information
2020 Validation of the Solarfarmer Software with Operational Data A. Neubert, M.A. Mikofski, M. Hamer, P. Rainey Information
2020 Validating Advanced Stress Testing Protocols Using Analysis of Degraded Polyvinylidene Fluoride-Based Backsheet Films M. Owen-Bellini, D.C. Miller, D.R. Jenket, P. Hacke, S.M. Moffitt, A. Sinha, L.T. Schelhas, A.M. Maes, J.Y. Hartley, T. Karin, J. Tracy Information
2019 Voltage Control in Grids with High PV-Penetration Q.T. Tran, T. Le, M.T. Le, F. Bourry, F. Al-Shakarchi Information
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