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2012 Verification of the Installed Peak Power in the Commissioning Tests of Large PV Plants J. Coello, F. Domínguez Information
2012 Validation of Solar Irradiance of the Japan Meteorological Agency Meso-Scale Model: Investigation of Error Cause Around Tokyo, Japan K.-I. Shimose, H. Ohtake, Y. Yamada, J.G.S. Gari da Silva Fonseca Jr., T. Takashima, T. Oozeki Information
2012 Variations in the I/V Characteristics of Directly Water Cooled and Naturally Cooled PV Modules B. Mtunzi, E.L. Meyer, M. Simon, M.A. Malape Information
2012 Validation of a Model to Study CPV Silicon Solar Cells Behaviour under Inhomogeneous Irradiation F. Reis, J. Wemans, G. Sorasio, M.C. Centeno Brito Information
2012 Voltage Control in Active, Intelligent Distribution Networks T. Bülo, D. Mende, G. Bettenwort, D. Geibel, T. Degner, A. Seibel, J.P. da Costa, W. Kruschel, K. Boldt, F. Sutter, T. Hug, B. Engel, P. Zacharias Information
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