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2009 Vire-Effect: Via-Resistance Induced Recombination Enhancement-The Origin of Reduced Fill Factors of Emitter Wrap Through Solar Cells C. Ulzhöfer, S. Hermann, N.-P. Harder, P.P. Altermatt, R. Brendel, R. Wade, P. Engelhart, M. Hlusiak, C. Peters, D. Rychtarik, J.W. Müller Information
2008 Value of PV Energy in Germany - Benefit from the Substitution of Conventional Power Plants and Local Power Generation M. Braun, Y.-M. Saint-Drenan, T. Glotzbach, T. Degner, S. Bofinger Information
2008 Validation of Proposed Photovoltaic Energy Rating Standard and Sensitivity to Environmental Parameters J. Roy, T.R. Betts, R. Gottschalg, S. Mau, S. Zamini, R.P. Kenny, H. Müllejans, G. Friesen, S. Dittmann, H.G. Beyer, A. Jagomagi Information
2008 Verification of Power Loss Mechanisms Contributing to the Illuminated Lock-In Thermography (ILIT) Signal B. Walter, M. Kasemann, D. Grote, J. Ebser, W. Kwapil, W. Warta Information
2008 Virtual Prototyping Platform for Tracked PV Modules I. Visa, D. Diaconescu, A. Duta Information
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