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2016 Wet Oxidation Effects on the Electrical and Interface Properties of ALD Al2O3 and ALD-AlOx/SiNx Passivation Stacks for PERC Solar Cells S. Joonwichien, K. Shirasawa, S. Simayi, K. Tanahashi, H. Takato Information
2016 Wet Chemical Metallization of Silicon Solar Cells: Status and Perspective of Industrial Application A. Letize, B. Lee, D. Cullen Information
2015 Worldwide Competition Architectural Award Building-Integrated Solar Technology 2014 - Best Practice Solar Buildings G. Becker, F. Flade, R. Krippner, B. Schiebelsberger, W. Weber Information
2015 Wall as Component to Utilize BIPV Modules with Reasonable Seasonal Performance in Comparison with Roof and Canopy A. Rahmani Information
2014 Waste Treatment Generated during Silicon Based Solar Cells Production Towering a Complete LCA Processing B. González-Díaz, E. Segredo-Morales, A. Linares, C. Montes, E. Llarena, F. Jarabo, S. González-Pérez, C. Hernandez-Rodriguez, R. Guerrero-Lemus, M. Friend, M. Cendagorta Information
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