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2018 Well Passivating and Highly Temperature Stable Aluminum Oxide Deposited by Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Vapor Deposition for PERC and PERT Solar Cell Concepts J. Engelhardt, B. Gapp, F. Mutter, G. Hahn, B. Terheiden Information
2018 Wafering Performance of Structured Wire in Correlation to the Wire Geometry R. Koepge, K. Buehler, F. Kaule, S. Schoenfelder, O. Anspach Information
2018 WetAlOx: A Novel, Cost Effective, Negative Charge Passivation Method for Crystalline Silicon Solar Cells E. Schmid, S. Schmitt, T. Boescke, E. Wefringhaus, F. Buchholz, C. Peter, R. Marczak, A. Ramakrishnan, M. Mateescu, P. Kunze Information
2017 Where Has all the Power Gone? A Health Check of Italian Solar Electricity in 2016 A. Virtuani, M. Pravettoni, L. Parini, L. Morganti, A. Skoczek, J. Betak, M. Mussetta, S. Marchionna Information
2009 Waste Treatment and Reclamation of Reusable Materials in Manufacturing of cSi PV Wafers R. Berndt, J. Ruth, S. Waters Information
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