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2019 Web Tool for Early Stages of Techno-Economical Analysis of Shared Solar Cooperatives in the Brazilian Context K. Schneider, M.O.M. de Oliveira, P. Scheidt Manoel, C. Japp, R. Rüther Information
2016 Wet Oxidation Effects on the Electrical and Interface Properties of ALD Al2O3 and ALD-AlOx/SiNx Passivation Stacks for PERC Solar Cells S. Joonwichien, K. Shirasawa, S. Simayi, K. Tanahashi, H. Takato Information
2010 Wide-Gap p-µc-Si1-xOx:H Films and their Application to Hetero-Junction Microcrystalline Silicon Solar Cells T. Krajangsang, L. Zhang, I.A. Yunaz, S. Miyajima, M. Konagai Information
2009 Wet-Chemical Treatment of Solar Grade CZ Silicon Prior to Surface Passivation A. Laades, J. Brauer, U. Stürzebecher, K. Neckermann, K. Klimm, M. Blech, K. Lauer, A. Lawerenz, H. Angermann Information
2009 Wafer-Based Crystalline Silicon Modules at 1€/Wp: Final Results from the CRYSTALCLEAR Integrated Project W.C. Sinke, W. van Hooff, G. Coletti, B. Ehlen, G. Hahn, S. Reber, J. John, G. Beaucarne, E. van Kerschaver, M. de Wild-Scholten, A. Metz Information
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