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2009 World Record Module Efficiency for Large and Thin mc-Si MWT Cells I.J. Bennett, C. Tjendgdrawira, A.A. Mewe, M.W.P.E. Lamers, P.C. de Jong, A.W. Weeber Information
2009 Wafer Cleaning and its Effects on Subsequent Texturing Processes R. Chan, C. O'Connor, R. Barr, M. Moynihan, T. Ridler, G. Allardyce Information
2009 Waste Treatment and Reclamation of Reusable Materials in Manufacturing of cSi PV Wafers R. Berndt, J. Ruth, S. Waters Information
2009 Wet-Chemical Treatment of Solar Grade CZ Silicon Prior to Surface Passivation A. Laades, J. Brauer, U. Stürzebecher, K. Neckermann, K. Klimm, M. Blech, K. Lauer, A. Lawerenz, H. Angermann Information
2009 Wet Chemical Processing in Crystalline Silicon Wafer and Cell Production Today and Tomorrow H. Nussbaumer, F. Delahaye, W. Saule, D. Queißer, S. Queißer, B.-U. Sander, H. Kühnlein, N. Kösterke, N. Bay, G. Cimiotti, A. Eljaouhari, J. Schweckendiek, R. Dechant-Wagner, I. Sen, S. Kleinschmidt Information
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