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What Manufacturers and Distributors Need to Know about their Customers. A Comprehensive Survey of PV Installers
R. Muehlhausen
Marketing, PV Markets, PV Industry, PV Installers, Sales
PV - a Major Electricity Source
Subtopic: Markets
Event: 27th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 6CV.3.46
4609 - 4611
ISBN: 3-936338-28-0
Paper DOI: 10.4229/27thEUPVSEC2012-6CV.3.46
0,00 EUR
Document(s): paper


PV installers are the most important target group in the sales and distribution model of the PV industry. They build the interface towards the end customers and they are the ones that make the decision which brands are used in an installation. That is why it is critical to the manufacturer’s business success to win the loyalty of the PV installers. The more manufacturers know about the demand and the desires of the PV installers, the better they can tailor their activities to their needs. That is the basis for successful marketing activities to really develop the market. Apel + Hoyer made an online survey in August 2012 and asked 150 PV installers in Germany about their experience with end customers and what they ecpect from manufacturers of PV modules, inverters and mounting systems as well as distributors. In addition Apel + Hoyer carried out in-depth telephone interviews with PV installers to learn more about the reasons behind their answers. Result of the survey is a sound overview on how PV installers see their business relationships with manufacturers and distributors on the one side of the business and how they interact with prospects and customers on the other side. A detailed report with all results of the survey will be published in a new study that is available from Apel + Hoyer (www.apel-hoyer.de).