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Wave-Like Surface Microstructure in Titanium Substrates with Multiple Reflections Detected Using Angle-Resolved Reflectivity
R. Crook, M. Poullou, C.S. Malvi, D.W. Dixon-Hardy
Modelling / Modeling, Titanium, Texturisation, Texturization
Advanced Photovoltaics: New Concepts and Ultra-high Efficiency
Subtopic: New Materials, Cells and Modules
Event: 25th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition / 5th World Conference on Photovoltaic Energy Conversion, 6-10 September 2010, Valencia, Spain
Session: 1DV.3.91
751 - 754
ISBN: 3-936338-26-4
Paper DOI: 10.4229/25thEUPVSEC2010-1DV.3.91
0,00 EUR
Document(s): paper


A two-stage all-solution electrochemical process has been developed to etch a wave-like surface microstructure in titanium film without using lithography. The target application is solar cell substrates where multiple reflections within the microstructure can more than double the device efficiency. The benefit is most significant in designs that employ a very thin photoactive layer that achieves high quantum efficiency, meaning light that is not utilised in the energy conversion process is reflected rather than absorbed. A candidate solar cell with a titanium / titanium-dioxide / gold / photoreceptor layer structure has recently been reported. Titanium and titanium oxides are receiving increased attention as substrate materials in new solar cell and photocatalysis designs primarily because of their photoactive properties, appropriate band structure, and chemical stability.