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2018 Yield Simulations for Horizontal Axis Trackers with Bifacial PV Modules in PVsyst A. Mermoud, B. Wittmer Information
2016 Yellowing of PV Backsheets in Accelerated Tests Can Be Used as a Realistic Indication of Possible Field Failures – Fact or Fiction? E. Parnham, A. Seaman, A. Whitehead, W. Brennan, E. Ashford Information
2016 Yield Losses of PID-Affected PV Systems - Simulation of Yield Losses Beyond Power Loss J. Arp, B. Jäckel, J. Behrschmidt Information
2012 Yield Comparison of 7 Currently Available Thin Film Modules S. Janke, M. Strasser Information
2010 Yield Optimization in Photovoltaic Manufacturing S. Kincal, V. Svidenko, P. Smith, R. Raman, M. Abraham, C. Eberspacher Information
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