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2018 Yield Simulations for Horizontal Axis Trackers with Bifacial PV Modules in PVsyst A. Mermoud, B. Wittmer Information
2015 Yield Modelling for Micro Inverter, Power Optimizer and String Inverter under Clear and Partially Shaded Conditions K. Sinapis, C. Tzikas, G.B.M.A. Litjens, M.N. van den Donker, W. Folkerts, W.G.J.H.M. van Sark, A. Smets Information
2014 Yield Predictions for Photovoltaic Power Plants: Empirical Validation, Recent Advances and Remaining Uncertainties B. Müller, L. Hardt, A. Armbruster, K. Kiefer, C. Reise Information
2012 Yield Comparison of 7 Currently Available Thin Film Modules S. Janke, M. Strasser Information
2010 Yield Optimization in Photovoltaic Manufacturing S. Kincal, V. Svidenko, P. Smith, R. Raman, M. Abraham, C. Eberspacher Information
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