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2013 ZnO Nanorod Arrays as an Antireflective Coating for Cu2ZnSnS4 Thin Film Solar Cells B.-T. Jheng, P.-T. Liu, M.-C. Wu, H.-V. Han Information
2012 ZnO Thin Films with Adjusted Surface Work Function for Organic Solar Cells S. Wiesner, V. Hinrichs, A. Steigert, D. Greiner, W. Ludwig, I. Lauermann, M.I. Rusu, M.C. Lux-Steiner Information
2012 ZnO Nanotube on Crystalline Silicon Solar Cell Fabricated by Hydrothermal Processes S.W. Chen, C.-C. Chung, E.Y. Chang, C.-H. Du, W.-H. Lu Information
2012 ZnO:Al/(p)a-Si:H Contact Formation and Its Influence on Charge Carrier Lifetime Measurements R. Rößler, L. Korte, C. Leendertz, N. Mingirulli, M. El Mhamdi, B. Rech Information
2009 Zinc Oxide Based Solid State Dye Sensitized Solar Cell S. Rani, P. Suri, P.K. Shishodia, R.M. Mehra Information
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