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2020 Holistic Evaluation of the Economic Competitiveness of BIPV Solutions in Europe P. Macé, E. Bosch Information
2020 Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Modelling and PV Self-Consumption Management Strategy Optimization A.C. Neves Foles, L.A. Fialho, M.P.I. Collares-Pereira, P.A. dos Santos Ribeiro Horta Information
2020 Guidelines for Ensuring Data Quality for Photovoltaic System Performance Assessment and Monitoring A. Livera, M. Theristis, E. Koumpli, G. Makrides, J.S. Stein, G.E. Georghiou Information
2020 Performance Assessment of BIPV Systems: Research on BIPV Characterization Methods P. Bonomo, F. Parolini, F. Frontini, M. Caccivio, G. Bellenda, J.M. Vega de Seoane, D. Valencia-Caballero, S. Boddaert Information
2020 Improving the Quality of PV Plant Performance Analysis by Increasing Data Integrity and Reliability: a Data-Driven Approach Using Machine Learning Techniques G. Oviedo Hernández, E. Capra, S. Lindig, P.V. Chiantore, D. Moser Information
2020 Open Database of Small-Scale Solar PV Installations: a Citizen Science Initiative C. del Cañizo, A.B. Cristóbal, L. Barbosa, G. Revuelta, S. Haas, M. Victoria, M. Brocklehurst Information
2020 LCA of a Photovoltaic System with Hetero-Junction Modules and Mono-Axial Tracker A. Danelli, A. Gargiulo, P. Girardi Information
2020 Early Stage Quality Assessment in Silicon Ingots from MDP Brick Characterization A.S. Kovvali, M. Demant, B. Rebba, N. Schüler, J. Haunschild, S. Rein Information
2020 Geographical Approach for Weather Risk Identification and PV Performance Assessment J. Ascencio-Vásquez, K. Brecl, M. Topic Information
2020 Merging Photovoltaic Panels and Solar Thermal Collectors – How Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) Hybrid Collectors Boost Environmental Performance R. Itten, S. Manatschal, M. Stucki, L. Brottier Information
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