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Reliability of Bonding of the Rail Attachment Fixture to the Rear Glass of Dual-Glass PV Modules
J. Mao, Q. Zhu, J. Xu, H. Shen, Y. Shu, Z. Ji, P.J. Verlinden, Z.Q. Feng
Reliability, Bonding, Dual Glass Module, Rail Attachment Fixture, Silicon Structural Adhesive
Operation, Performance, Reliability and Sustainability of Photovoltaics
Subtopic: PV Cells and Modules
Event: 32nd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 5BV.4.28
2255 - 2258
ISBN: 3-936338-41-8
Paper DOI: 10.4229/EUPVSEC20162016-5BV.4.28
0,00 EUR
Document(s): paper, poster


A rail attachment fixture bonded to the back of dual-glass modules presents several advantages compared to standard clamp systems. This paper reports on the reliability of the bonding technology for dual-glass PV modules. A detailed research of the bonding reliability of the back rail attachment fixture for dual-glass modules is presented in this paper. The bonding is based on silicone structural adhesive bonding to dual-glass modules. A full set of environmental tests from IEC61215 standard of photovoltaic industry were carried out to explore and analyze the bonding adhesive. Silicone adhesive is well known to be sensitive to water vapor and has high water permeability. It is prone to hydrolysis, which can lead to a lower strength of the back rail attachment in high humidity and high temperature environments. Damp heat (DH) testing was extended to 3,000 hours, which is 3 times of the usual duration of damp heat testing. Additional testing was carried out to evaluate the reliability of back rail attachment in harsh environments such as marine, acidic and alkaline environments. Extended experimental analysis shows that the silicone structural adhesive can meet the safety and reliability of dual-glass modules in long service life.