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2020 Annealing Temperature and Post Sulphurizaton/Seleniation Effects on Solution-Based CZTS Devices P. Punathil, S. Zanetti, E. Artegiani, V. Kumar, A. Romeo Information
2020 Analysis of Selenization Processes for Antimony Selenide Solar Cells by Vacuum Evaporation V. Kumar, E. Artegiani, P. Punathil, A. Romeo Information
2020 Achievement of Graded Band Gap in CdTe Solar Cells through Selenization of the Absorber E. Artegiani, P. Punathil, V. Kumar, A. Romeo Information
2019 Antimony Selenide Based Solar Cells by Vacuum Evaporation V. Kumar, E. Artegiani, A. Romeo Information
2019 Influence of Copper Thickness on the Defects Formation in CdTe Solar Cells E. Artegiani, V. Kumar, A. Romeo Information
2018 Introduction of Copper by Wet Deposition in CdTe Solar Cells E. Artegiani, D. Menossi, M. Barbato, M. Meneghini, G. Meneghesso, M. Leoncini, M. Cavallini, A. Romeo Information
2018 Growth and Characterization of (ZnSe)0.1(SnSe)0.9 Films for Use in Thin Film Solar Cells T.M. Razykov, A. Bosio, B. Ergashev, K.M. Kouchkarov, A.A. Mavlonov, A. Romeo, E. Artegiani, N. Romeo, R. Yuldoshov Information
2018 Efficiency Improvement of CdTe Solar Cells with Ultra-Thin CdS Layer M. Leoncini, E. Artegiani, M. Barbato, M. Meneghini, G. Meneghesso, M. Cavallini, A. Romeo Information
2017 SnS/CdS Thin Film Solar Cells by Ionized Jet Deposition D. Menossi, S. Di Mare, E. Artegiani, G. Tedeschi, F. Piccinelli, A. Romeo Information
2017 Novel ZnxSn1-xSe Absorber for Use in Thin-Film Solar Cells T.M. Razykov, E. Artegiani, G.S. Boltaev, A. Bosio, B. Ergashev, K.M. Kouchkarov, N.K. Mamarasulov, A.A. Mavlonov, A. Romeo, N. Romeo, R. Yuldoshov Information
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