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2020 Simulating Interior Radiant Energy for the Design and Prototyping of an Indoor Solar PV Lamp M. Verkou, H. Ziar, O. Isabella, M. Zeman Information
2019 Field Evaluation of Mars™ Optical Soiling Sensor M. Gostein, B. Bourne, F. Farina, W. Stueve Information
2016 Outdoor Performance and Seasonal Analysis of SunPower (MaxeonTM) Technology PV Modules in Composite Climate of India A. Sharma, B. Bora, Y.K. Singh, B. Mohan Jha, R. Singh, S. Rai, M. Bangar, R. Dahiya, S. Chakraborty, D. Singh, K. Saikia, S.K. Samdarshi, O.S. Sastry Information
2015 Improving EVA Properties, with Regard to PID Problem - Introduction of a New Crosslinking Agent D. Ulbricht, S. Schauhoff Information
2014 A Fundamentals Approach to Plant Capacity Testing T. Dierauf, S. Kurtz, E. Riley, B. Bourne Information
2013 Performance Testing of High-Efficient Highly-Capacitive c-Si PV Modules Using Slow-Speed Dark Current-Voltage Characteristics and a Reconstruction Procedure A. Virtuani, G. Rigamonti Information
2012 Setting New Standards in c-Si Module Efficiency and Reliability: SunPower's Roadmap to 21% Efficiency Production Modules G. Bunea, D. Kim, N. Boitnott Information
2012 Lessons Learned on Power Management and Voltage Regulation in Large Photovoltaic Power Plants L. Johnson, S. Sivakumar, J. Lian Information
2012 Life Cycle Analysis of High-Performance Monocrystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Systems: Energy Payback Times and Net Energy Production Value V.M. Fthenakis, R. Betita, M. Shields, R. Vinje, J. Blunden Information
2012 Modeling and Analysis of Geometry Design of n-Type Interdigitated Back-Contact Silicon Solar Cell P. Chen, S.W. Liang, J.G. Lee, F.L. Chiu, J.E. Cotter Information
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