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2018 The Development and Test of the PV Concentrator System with Electrical and Thermal Output A. Okhorzina, A. Yurchenko, D.W. Tai, A. Mekhtiev Information
2015 Numerical Modelling of a PV Concentrator System Based on a Dual-Diode Cell Model Taking into Account Cooling by a Heat Sink A. Okhorzina, A. Yurchenko, N. Bernhard Information
2015 Control System of the Optimal Photovoltaic Module Orientation M. Kitaeva, A. Yurchenko, A. Okhorzina Information
2014 Concentrator PV System Prototype with Water Heating A. Yurchenko, A. Okhorzina Information
2014 Forecasting Systems for Autonomous Solar-Wind Power Systems A.V. Yurchenko, A.V. Kozloff, A.V. Okhorzina, E.V. Yurchenko Information
2014 Tracker System Based on Silicon Photovoltaic Sensor A. Okhorzina, A. Yurchenko, M. Kitaeva Information
2013 Autonomous Lighting System Powered by Hybrid Wind-Solar Unit (ALS Powered by WSU) A.V. Yurchenko, E. Yurchenko, O. Maikova, E. Siemens Information
2013 Solar Tracker in Tomsk A. Okhorzina, A.V. Yurchenko, M. Kitaeva Information
2013 Analyzing Possibilities for Creating Three-Dimensional Solar Cells and Their Advantages in the High-Latitudes of the Earth A.V. Yurchenko, V.I. Yurchenko, A. Okhorzina Information
2012 Solar-Wind Power Complex for Small Settlements in Tomsk Region A.V. Yurchenko, F.V. Savrasov Information
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