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2018 Design of Hybrid-Minigrids in South African Rural Areas under Consideration of Social and Cultural Aspects M. Kühnel, B. Hanke, Y. Baranova, O. Weigel, I.W. Stuermer, A. McMaster, S. Maebe, K. von Maydell Information
2017 Reducing the Grid Load of South African Office Building by Implementation of Energy Efficiency Measures and Installation of Demand Optimized PV B. Hanke, D. Peters, M. Kühnel, J. Smit, R. Wiesmann, R. Saßmannshausen, R. Hentschel, K. von Maydell, C. Agert Information
2012 AFRETEP: Lessons Learned from Capacity Building Experiences with African Academia I. Pinedo Pascua, U. Tromboni, K. Bódis, S. Szabó Information
2010 Building the African Renewable Energy Platform Integrating Support Tools for a Sustainable Energy Development in Africa S. Szabó, K. Bódis, Z. Girbau García, T. Huld, M. Moner Girona, I. Pinedo Pascua Information
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