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2020 CdTe Module Degradation during Dry and Damp Accalerated Aging Tests in Respect to the Leakage Current Pathway L. Gerstenberg, P.K. Panda, S. Voswinckel, V. Wesselak Information
2017 Shading Effects of the Mounting Structure of Bifacial PV Modules and Impact to the Bypass Diode Lifetime S. Münter, V. Wesselak, S. Voswinckel, L. Gerstenberg Information
2015 Investigation of the Micro-Climate of Microcrystalline Silicon-Modules and CIGS-Modules and its Impact on Potential-Induced Degradation E. Fokuhl, V. Wesselak, S. Voswinckel, P. Manz, B. Trautmann, C. Schmidt Information
2015 Dos and Don'ts of Leakage Current Measurement S. Voswinckel, V. Wesselak, E. Fokuhl, C. Schmidt, K. Watzlawik Information
2014 Leakage Currents Behaviour of ΜμC-Si PV-Modules Regarding Temperature and Relative Humidity B. Trautmann, V. Wesselak, P. Manz, S. Voswinckel, E. Fokuhl, C. Schmidt Information
2014 Leakage Current Pathways and Magnitudes in Correlation to PID of CIGS Thin Film Modules P. Manz, V. Wesselak, S. Voswinckel, B. Trautmann, E. Fokuhl, C. Schmidt Information
2013 Analysis of Leakage Currents in Accordance of the Mounting Situation of Amorphous Silicon Solar Modules under Outdoor Climate Conditions S. Voswinckel, P. Manz, C. Schmidt, V. Wesselak, E. Fokuhl, B. Trautmann Information
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