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2016 A New Approach to Determine the Crosslinking in Polyethylene-Vinyl Acetate via Raman Spectroscopy S. Jäger, S. Wittmann, M. Heindl, A. Linsenmeyer, T. Kunz, C. Camus, J. Hauch, C.J. Brabec Information
2016 Performance of a Module and Defect Detection Algorithm for Aerial Infrared Images as a Function of the Flying Altitude M. Dalsass, S. Deitsch, P. Luchscheider, F. Gallwitz, C.J. Brabec Information
2016 Non-Stationary Outdoor EL-Measurements with a Fast and Highly Sensitive InGaAs Camera J. Adams, B. Doll, C. Buerhop-Lutz, T. Pickel, J. Teubner, C. Camus, C.J. Brabec Information
2016 Direct Evidence for Hot-Cell-Induced Modifications in PV Module Encapsulants C. Camus, C. Buerhop-Lutz, S. Wrana, J. Adams, T. Pickel, H. Scheuerpflug, C. Zetzmann, E. Malguth, J. Hauch, C.J. Brabec Information
2016 IR-Imaging a Tracked PV-Plant Using an Unmanned Aerial Vehicle C. Buerhop-Lutz, H. Scheuerpflug, T. Pickel, C. Camus, J. Hauch, C.J. Brabec Information
2016 aIR-PV-Check of Thin-Film PV-Plants – Detection of PID and Other Defects in CIGS Modules C. Buerhop-Lutz, T. Pickel, H. Scheuerpflug, C. Dürschner, C. Camus, J. Hauch, C.J. Brabec Information
2016 Non-Uniformity Measurements of a Steady State Solar Simulator Using the Hishikawa-Hashimoto Method and Subsequent Improvement B. Doll, U. Hoyer, M. Hofer, T. Pickel, C. Buerhop-Lutz, C. Camus, J. Hauch, C. Brabec Information
2016 IR-Images of Defective PV-Modules Influenced by Short-Time Changes of the Electric System C. Buerhop-Lutz, J. Dettelbacher, T. Pickel, C. Camus, J. Hauch, C.J. Brabec Information
2015 Profitability and LCOE of Small Solar Battery Systems—the German Case. (Smart Grid Solar – A Bavarian Smart Energy Project) C. Stegner, P. Luchscheider, J. Bogenrieder, R. German, C.J. Brabec Information
2015 Characterization of Defects in PV-Modules by Their Temperature Development Using IR-Thermography C. Buerhop-Lutz, H. Scheuerpflug Information
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