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2011 Laser Welding of 50 Micrometer Thick Monocrystalline Silicon Wafers M.T. Hessmann, T. Kunz, I. Burkert, N. Gawehns, L. Schäfer, B. Meidel, R. Auer, C.J. Brabec Information
2009 Novel n-Type Silicon Solar Sell Device by Aluminium Bonding to a Glass Substrate V. Gazuz, M. Mühlbauer, R. Auer Information
2009 Analysis of PV Modules by Electroluminescence and IR Thermography U. Hoyer, A. Burkert, R. Auer, C. Buerhop-Lutz, C. Vodermayer, M. Mayer, G. Wotruba Information
2009 Diffusion of Moisture and Impact of UV Irradiance in Photovoltaic Encapsulants T. Swonke, U. Hoyer Information
2009 Concept for a Real AM1.5 Simulator Based on LED-Technology and Survey on Different Types of Solar Simulators T. Swonke, U. Hoyer Information
2009 Optical Characterization of Crystalline Silicon Thin-Film Solar Cells on Foreign Substrates T. Kunz, V. Gazuz, N. Gawehns, I. Burkert, M.T. Hessmann, R. Auer Information
2008 Crystalline Silicon Thin-Film Solar Cells From the Porous Silicon Process Applying Convection Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition B. Terheiden, T. Kunz, I. Burkert, R. Horbelt, H. Plagwitz, R. Brendel Information
2008 Thin (90µm) Multicrystalline Si Solar Cell With 15% Efficiency by Al-Bonding to Glass V. Gazuz, M. Mühlbauer, T. Kunz, R. Auer Information
2008 Crystalline Silicon Thin-Film Solar Cells on Graphite or SiC-Ceramic Substrates T. Kunz, I. Burkert, N. Gawehns, R. Auer Information
2008 Electroluminescence and Infrared Imaging for Quality Improvements of PV Modules U. Hoyer, C. Buerhop-Lutz, U. Jahn Information
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