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Design & Installation of a CPV Hybrid System for Self-Consumption
O. de la Rubia, C. Alamillo, P. Trujillo, E. Gil, F. Rubio Berenguel, P. Banda Rueda
R&D and Demonstration Program, Stand-Alone PV System, Concentrated Photovoltaic
PV Systems
Subtopic: Off-grid Applications
Event: 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 5DO.10.2
4029 - 4033
ISBN: 3-936338-27-2
Paper DOI: 10.4229/26thEUPVSEC2011-5DO.10.2
0,00 EUR
Document(s): paper


The Instituto de Sistemas Fotovoltaicos de Concentración (ISFOC), on its aim to contribute towards the Concentration Photovoltaic (CPV) development, has designed and installed a CPV Hybrid System for self-consumption. The CPV technology used in the installation is the Daido Steel DACPV-150W25 modules mounted on a high accuracy tracker. The purpose of this installation is to reduce the energy consumption of the air-conditioning system of the ISFOC headquarters. This is not a typical stand-alone, self-consumption system; it is a Hybrid installation and it is going to be deeply analyzed to test the suitable of CPV as an input of this kind of installations. This hybrid system has two energy inputs; the first one is a CPV generator while the secondary input to the system is the electrical grid of ISFOC building, as backup power supply. The energy management of the system and the coupling of all components are held on the AC side. The CPV generator offers its maximum energy to the system, which is used directly to the consumption of the airconditioning system or it is stored into batteries for energy supply during nights, cloudy times or high consumption periods. This installation it is going to be used by researchers for study and development of this kind of installations, and is suitable for future extensions and/or modifications.