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Emissivity Control in Textured Silicon Solar Cells
D. Alonso-Álvarez, L. Ferre-Llin, Y. Liu, A. Mellor, A. Riverola, D. Chemisana, D.J. Paul, N.J. Ekins-Daukes
Hybrid, Silicon Solar Cell(s), Optical Properties, Texturisation, Texturization
Silicon Photovoltaics
Subtopic: Characterisation & Simulation Methods
Event: 33rd European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 2CV.2.50
902 - 904
ISBN: 3-936338-47-7
Paper DOI: 10.4229/EUPVSEC20172017-2CV.2.50
0,00 EUR
Document(s): paper


Surface textures are a key part on most silicon-based solar cells. Typically, they are optimized for maximum coupling of sunlight into the solar cell, in the wavelength range from 0.3 μm to 1.1 μm. However, recent applications such as radiative cooling and hybrid photovoltaic-thermal (PV-T) systems require to consider also their performance at much longer wavelength, in the mid-infrared (MIR, 5-20 μm). In this work, we study experimentally the emissivity from 0.3 μm to 20 μm of upright and inverted pyramids for a range of pyramid sizes. We conclude that pyramids with sizes in the range of 0.7-2 μm are able to result in high absorptivity in the solar range and low emissivity in the MIR, suitable for PV-T, while the largest pyramids result in high absorptivity and emissivity at all wavelengths, suitable for radiative cooling.