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Correlation Analysis of Environmental Variables for Pb Free p-PERC Bifacial c-Si PV Module in Floating and Marine PVs
W.B. Lee, G.-G. Kim, B.G. Bhang, J.-H. Choi, S.Y. Park, O. Kwon, H.S. Jo, H.J. Go, C.S. Won, H.K. Ahn
Photovoltaic Modules and BoS Components
Subtopic: PV Module Design, Manufacture, Performance and Reliability
Event: 36th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition
Session: 4AV.2.1
ISBN: 3-936338-60-4
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Document(s): poster


In this research, correlation between environmental variables and PV output is introduced by using PB free bifacial c Si PV module especially for floating and marine photovoltaics The Pearson correlation analysis method, which evaluates the linear relationship between two variables, had been chosen to analyze the correlation between Pmax and environmental variables If a change in one variable is proportional to a change in the other variable, then there is a linear relationship between these variables Weather data would be obtained for POA (direct irradiance on a plane of array), Tamb (ambient temperature), WS(wind speed), and RH(relative humidity) The temperature of the PV modules and maximum PV power output would also be measured separately The data and analysis using bifacial module are compared with those of WB(white backsheet bifacial module which was made using the same bifacial PV cell For further comparison, PV power prediction equation is used to simulate a case where both the modules would be installed on a lake to watch which module would be more favorable in a floating and/or marine conditions