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2021 Impact of Public and Private Funding on the Development of the Photovoltaic Sector and the Achievement of 2030 Energy Transition Targets D. Moser, F. De Nigri, S. Pezzutto, S. Gantioler, M. Aleman, G. Masson Information
2021 True Cost of Solar Hydrogen - Levelised Cost of Hydrogen in Europe 2021-2050 E. Vartiainen, C. Breyer, D. Moser, E. Román Medina, C. Busto, G. Masson, E. Bosch, A. Jäger-Waldau Information
2021 Light Weight Interconnection Weave for Space PV T. Borgers, J. Szlufcik, M. Van den Storme, G. Van den Storme, C. Brandt, D. Girolamo, S. Das, J. Verdonck, P. Nivelle, J. Govaerts, G. Doumen, L. Vastmans, S. De Vrieze, E. Voroshazi, J. Poortmans Information
2021 Social Networks and Digital Gamification for Solar Literacy and Photovoltaic Communities S.R. Freitas, M.J. Rodrigues Information
2021 First Mechanical Study on Lightweight Microconcentrators Systems for Space Applications V. Vareilles, A. Bermudez-Garcia, J. Francois, Y. Veschetti, M. Amara, P. Voarino, F. Chabuel Information
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