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2022 A Model Correcting the Effect of Sub-Hourly Irradiance Fluctuations on Overload Clipping Losses in Hourly Simulations A. Villoz, B. Wittmer, A. Mermoud, M. Oliosi, A. Bridel-Bertomeu Information
2022 The Status of Photovoltaics in Italy and the Prospects for Contributing to the Goal of Energy Decarbonisation S. Guastella, E. Terzini Information
2022 SocialRES: Social Innovations as the Pathway Towards Energy Democracy and as Sustainable Solution for the Mitigation of the Global Warming S. Caneva, I. Weiss, I. Lizarralde, M. Hamwi, A. Abi Akle, B. Samir, V. Kromrey, D. Vedel, J. Lin, A. Schneller, J. Hoffmann, K. Kohl, L. Richter, E. Schmid, C. Crippa, E. Denny, I. Petrov, S. Mulero, A. Hernández Serrano, M. Regidor, I. Lacoste, R. Ruiz, S. Campos, E. Otero, N. Brito, I. Branco Lopes, K. Harder, T. Šimek, A. Costeniuc Information
2022 100% Renewable Energy Scenario – What are the Options to Deploy all the Solar Panels? T. Reindl Information
2022 LeTID in Real Life: Incoming Cell Qualification for Module Manufacturers A. Ciesla, M. Kim, A. Teymouri, L. Wang, C. Chan, R. Chan, P. Manshanden, B. Van Aken, J.J. Dijksterhuis, B. Hallam, G. Coletti Information
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