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2022 Quantifying the Energy Impact of Soiling Thanks to the Tool SoilRatio S. Arbaretaz, E. Pilat, H. Colin, E. Urrejola Information
2022 Analysis of Power Grids with High-Penetration of Photovoltaics: the Case of Honduras G. Gómez-Ramírez, C. Meza, G. Mora-Jiménez, I.A. Luévano-Reyes, L. García-Santander, J.R. Rojas Information
2022 A Critical Review of the Circular Economy for Photovoltaic Modules: Satus, Challenges, and Opportunities G. Heath, D. Ravikumar, B. Hansen Information
2022 A General PV Plant Digital Twin Concept to Support the Complete Project Lifecycle I.T. Horvath, J. Lemmens, B. Birnie, T.M. Hall, G. Oviedo-Hernandez, O. Dupon, A. Tuomiranta, V. Vasylius, W. Hitchcock, I. Gordon Information
2022 Influence of the Lamination Pressure on the Adhesion, Degree of Cross-Linking, and Bubble Formation of PV Modules S. Sraisth, A.K. Öz, D. Klaus, C. Wellens, M. Heinrich Information
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