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2019 The Impact of Plane-of-Array Based TMY Data Sets on Solar Resource for PV Applications M. Sengupta, A. Habte Information
2019 Analysis and Investigation of BIPV Operating Performance Based on the PV Installations at the ZSW Research Building D. Geyer, D. Stellbogen, P. Lechner, S. Hummel, J. Schnepf, D. Huschenhöfer Information
2019 Development of an Academic Living-Lab as Sociotechnical Imaginary to Facilitate the Uptake of Solar Technologies in the 2Seas Region T.E. Motoasca Information
2019 Short-Term Photovoltaic Generation Forecasting Using Multiple Heterogenous Sources of Data K. Bellinguer, R. Girard, G. Bontron, G. Kariniotakis Information
2019 SocialRES Project - Fostering Socially Innovative and Inclusive Strategies for Empowering Citizens in the Renewable Energy Market of the Future S. Caneva, P. Alonso, M. Kovarova, I. Lizarralde, I. Valentin, A. Abi Akle, M. Hamwi, V. Kromrey, D. Vedel, A. Wotjen, A. Schneller, L. Domröse, A. Ferrari, C. Crippa, E. Denny, M. Regidor, S. Mulero, I. Lacoste, R. Ruiz, N. Nuno-Brito, C. Ribeiro, K. Harder, T. Harwood, T. Šimek, F. Ciausiu, D. Leonte, M. Policarp Information
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