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2021 Cost Assessment of Future Tandem Perovskite-Silicon Modules and LCOE Comparison to Silicon Technologies in Europe C. Moreno Castillo, M. Woodhouse, J.-B. Puel, A. Julien, L. Oberbeck, P.P. Grand Information
2021 Aging Behavior of Polymeric Inverter Casings E. Helfer, P. Christöfl, G. Oreski, J. Petro, M. Gschwandl, D. Graf, P. Rechberger Information
2021 Electronic Properties and Structure of Boron-Hydrogen Complexes in Crystalline Silicon J.A.T. De Guzman, V.P. Markevich, J. Coutinho, N.V. Abrosimov, M.P. Halsall, A.R. Peaker Information
2021 Development of a Neutral Color Photovoltaic Window Based on Luminescent Solar Concentrators P. Bernardoni, G. Mangherini, A. Andreoli, M. Gjestila, D. Vincenzi, L. Gila, L. Caccianotti, C. Pesenti Information
2021 Carbon Footprint Analysis of CIGS Thin-Film PV Modules with Focus on Building-Integrated Applications P. Borowski, F. Grömmer, F. Karg Information
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