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2018 Visions from the Future: The Interaction between Curtailment, Spinning Reserve Settings and Generator Limits on Australian Projects with Medium to High Renewable Energy Fractions B. Herteleer, G. Dickeson, L. McLeod, B. van Ree, C. Paynter, D. Airen, P. Maker, S. Latz, A. Dobb, L. Frearson Information
2018 Prioritization of Test Execution with Operational Profile Mechanism for Software Reliability of Solar Energy Monitoring System W.S. Jang, B.K. Park, R.Y.C. Kim Information
2018 Enterprise Europe Network Sector Group Intelligent Energy & Sector Group Sustainable Constructions Helping Companies in Photovoltaics Innovate and Grow Internationally F. Roca, S. Angloher-Reichelt, K. Tzitzinou, F. Ammirati, A. Marras Information
2018 Patterns of Sectoral Diffusion of Solar Photovoltaics: A Comparative Analysis in UK A.-M. Bunea, P.A. Manfredi, P. Della Posta Information
2018 Enhancing Solar Research by Using ICT and Explorative Web-Based Methods for Communication, Education and Training C.S. Polo L√≥pez, F. Frontini, P. Bonomo Information
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