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2020 The Influence of Thermal Signatures Observed with Infrared Thermography on Power Production in a Utility Scale Power Plant B.L. Aarseth, A. Skomedal, M.B. Ć˜gaard, E.S. Marstein Information
2020 Customization of Photovoltaic Modules' Appearance by Colored Textiles (COTEX) T. Gewohn, M.R. Vogt, B. Lim, C. Schinke, R. Brendel Information
2020 Technological Viability and Proof-of-Concept of Applying Low-Temperature PECVD SiNx for Inkjet-Masked Selective Emitters B. Kafle, K. Demel, R. Efinger, M. Hofmann, W. Shepherd, M. Pickrell, R. Keding Information
2020 A Study on the Influence of Aluminum Oxide Layer Properties on Contact Formation B. Gapp, F. Geml, J. Engelhardt, G. Hahn Information
2020 Firing-Triggered LID (FT-LID) of the Carrier Lifetime in Cz-Si M. Winter, L. Helmich, D.C. Walter, J. Schmidt Information
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