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2019 532 nm Laser Treated Selective Emitter Profiles Study with SIMS and ECV Technics A. Moussi, S. Meziani, L. Benharrat, S. Chaouchi, M. Slimane Information
2019 Influence of Wave Induced Movements on the Performance of Floating PV Systems M. Dörenkämper, D. van der Werf, K. Sinapis, M.M. de Jong, W. Folkerts Information
2019 Challenges for Financing Utility Scale Solar PV Projects Using Bifacial Technologies D. Barandalla, M. Clemente Gimeno, P. Johnson, S. León, X. Puerta Information
2019 Tailoring PV to an Island Supply System - Uncertainties if “Autonomy” is Requested H.G. Beyer Information
2019 Insight from a Detailed Comparison between the Solar Irradiance Measured in the North of France, and Its Satellite-Based and Simulation-Based Estimates N. Ferlay, G. Chesnoiu, P. Dubuisson, F. Auriol, G. Brogniez, F. Parol, T. Elias, M. Compiègne, D. Ramon Information
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