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2020 Potential Regulatory Approaches on the Environmental Impacts of Photovoltaics: Expected Improvements and Impacts on Technological Innovation D. Polverini, N. Dodd, N. Espinosa Information
2020 Merging Photovoltaic Panels and Solar Thermal Collectors – How Photovoltaic Thermal (PVT) Hybrid Collectors Boost Environmental Performance R. Itten, S. Manatschal, M. Stucki, L. Brottier Information
2020 An Investigation of an Atmospheric Screen-Printable Cu Paste and Rapid Thermal Sintering Contact for Cost-Effective Silicon Solar Cell A. Ebong, K. Ren, S. Huneycutt, R. Dharmadasa, K. Ankireddy, T. Druffel Information
2020 Screen-Printed Aluminium Contacts on n+-Doped Silicon S. Suzuki, Z.-W. Peng, K. Tsuji, M. Nakahara, N. Morishita, T. Kuroki, A. Adrian, M. Dhamrin, T. Buck Information
2020 Techno-economic study of agrovoltaic systems focusing on orchard crops B. Willockx, B. Herteleer, J. Cappelle Information
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