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2020 Silver- and Indium-Free Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cell A. Lachowicz, G. Christmann, A. Descoeudres, S. Nicolay, C. Ballif Information
2020 Single-Step Periodic Photoelectrochemical Texturing of Silicon for Photovoltaics N. Avishan, A. Akbiyik, E. Yüce, A. Bek Information
2020 Flexible Bifacial Amorphous Si Quintuple- and Sextuple-Junction Solar Cells for IoT Devices M. Konagai, H. Noge, R. Ishikawa Information
2020 Low Concentration and Solar Control Photovoltaic System for Building Integration: Yearly Results and Analysis of Skylight System D. Valencia-Caballero, M. Machado, A. Sanz Martinez, E. Román Medina, Y.B. Assoa, F. Burgun, E. Rico, T. Del Caño, V. Velasco, T. Reijenga, P. Surguy, P. Alonso, I. Weiss Information
2020 Floating Photovoltaics – On-Site Measurements in Temperate Climate and Lake Influence on Module Behavior B. Amiot, M. Chiodetti, R. Le Berre, K. Radouane, D. Boublil, P. Dupeyrat, K. Vermeyen, S. Giroux-Julien Information
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