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2020 Potential and Challenges of Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics for Passenger Cars M. Heinrich, C. Kutter, F. Basler, M. Mittag, L.E. Alanis, D. Eberlein, A. Schmid, C. Reise, T. Kroyer, D.H. Neuhaus, H. Wirth Information
2020 Remanufacturing End-of-Life Silicon Photovoltaics: Feasibility and Viability Analysis R. Deng, N. Chang, M.M. Lunardi, P. Dias, J.I. Bilbao, J. Ji, C.M. Chong Information
2020 Performance Assessment of BIPV Systems: Research on BIPV Characterization Methods P. Bonomo, F. Parolini, F. Frontini, M. Caccivio, G. Bellenda, J.M. Vega de Seoane, D. Valencia-Caballero, S. Boddaert Information
2020 A Multi-Objective Optimization to Assess Economic Benefit Distribution and Impact of Energy Communities V. Casalicchio, G. Manzolini, M.G. Prina, D. Moser Information
2020 PECVD Shadow Mask Deposition of Amorphous Silicon– a Shortcut to Local Passivating Contacts M. Stöhr, B. Beier, J. Aprojanz, A. Vogt, N. Ambrosius, R. Brendel, T. Dullweber Information
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