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2021 Outdoor Test Results and Model Verification of Aesthetics PV Façade L.H. Slooff-Hoek, A.R. Burgers, K.M. de Groot, N.J.J. Dekker, T. Minderhoud, G. Gijzen, T. Sepers, Y. de Groot, W. van Strien, J.A.M. van Roosmalen Information
2021 Ga-Doped Single Crystal Wafer Production M. Konyar, N. Yıldırım, F.S. Yıldırım, E. Uçar, O. Aydin, W. Tao, M. Liang, W. Jooss, F. Es Information
2021 A Snapshot of Global PV Markets - The Latest Survey Results on PV Markets and Policies from the IEA PVPS Programme in 2020 G. Masson, A. Jäger-Waldau, I. Kaizuka, J. Lindahl, J. Donoso Alonso Information
2021 Effects of Laser Scribing Adjacent to Electrically Conductive Adhesive Interconnects D. Rudolph, I. Ullmann, M. Ignacia Devoto, A. Halm, D. Tune Information
2021 Assessing Plausible Environmental Implications of a Ground-Mounted Perovskite/Si Tandem PV System C. Salas-Redondo, C.-F. Blanco, J.-B. Puel, A. Julien, F. Soumane, S. Cucurachi, W.J.G.M. Peijnenburg, L. Oberbeck Information
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