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2020 Low Concentration and Solar Control Photovoltaic System for Building Integration: Yearly Results and Analysis of Skylight System D. Valencia, M. Machado, A. Sanz Martinez, E. Román Medina, Y.B. Assoa, F. Burgun, E. Rico, T. Del Caño, V. Velasco, T. Reijenga, P. Surguy, P. Alonso, I. Weiss Information
2020 Floating Photovoltaics – On-Site Measurements in Temperate Climate and Lake Influence on Module Behavior B. Amiot, M. Chiodetti, R. Le Berre, K. Radouane, D. Boublil, P. Dupeyrat, K. Vermeyen, S. Giroux-Julien Information
2020 Single-Step Periodic Photoelectrochemical Texturing of Silicon for Photovoltaics N. Avishan, A. Akbiyik, E. Yüce, A. Bek Information
2020 Silver- and Indium-Free Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cell A. Lachowicz, G. Christmann, A. Descoeudres, S. Nicolay, C. Ballif Information
2020 Flexible Bifacial Amorphous Si Quintuple- and Sextuple-Junction Solar Cells for IoT Devices M. Konagai, H. Noge, R. Ishikawa Information
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