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2019 Variation of Silicon Wafer Strength and Edge Chipping Induced by Residual Stresses at the Brick Bonding Interface R. Koepge, K. Buehler, A. Langhans, F. Kaule, E. Velispahic Information
2019 Fight Global Warming (Climate Change) with Solar Energy + Multi-Storage Resilient Island Nano-Grid Smart Home/Building J. Borland Information
2019 Bifacial Performance Optimization Studies Using Bifacial Radiance and High Performance Computing J.S. Stein, M. Prilliman, C. Stark, J. Nagyvary, S. Ayala Pelaez, C. Deline Information
2019 Building Blocks Development for Defect-Free Growth of GaAs on Silicon for Tandem Solar Cells D. Mencaraglia, C. Renard, J.P. Connolly, N. Cherkashin, G. Hallais, A. Jaffré, J. Alvarez, G. Chau, L. Vincent, J.-P. Kleider, F. Hamouda, D. Bouchier Information
2019 Degradation in PV Power Plants: Theory and Practice K. Kiefer, B. Farnung, B. Müller, K. Reinartz, I. Rauschen, C. Klünter Information
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