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2022 Performance Analysis of Power Optimizers by Indoor Lab Testing and Shading Simulation C. Allenspach, F. Carigiet, A. Bänziger, A. Schneider, F.P. Baumgartner Information
2022 Single Sided High Throughput Sputter Process Technology for In-Situ Doped n-Type Amorphous Silicon Layers for High Efficiency TOPCon Solar Cells V. Linss, T. Dietsch, J. Baumann, U. Graupner, J. Hoß, J. Linke, J. Lossen, J.I. Polzin, S. Mack, H. Nagel, M. Bivour, E. Schneiderlöchner Information
2022 Evaluation of Bifacial PV Gain Projection by Use of Novel Side-By-Side Monofacial Reference and Application to a 150 MW PV Project D. Stellbogen, A. Eckert, P. Lechner, O. Schanz Information
2022 Why Silver Must be Replaced by Plated Copper for Solar Cells Metallization T. Hatt, L. Tutsch, R. Lohmann, J. Bartsch, M. Glatthaar Information
2022 Cut out for Efficiency: A Detailed LBIC Study of Edge Recombination in Cut-Cell Silicon Photovoltaics M. Kikelj, B. Lipovšek, M. Bokalic, M. Topic Information
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