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2020 28 Years of Operational Data for a Utility Scale 103 kWp PV Plant (1989-2017) Analysis of Degradation of PV Modules, Inverters and System Performance with Technical and Economical Comparison to the Repowered 260 kWp PV Plant (2017-2019) T. Nordmann, T. Vontobel Information
2020 Contactless Outdoor Photoluminescence of Silicon Photovoltaic Modules with Large Area Excitation Source B. Doll, J. Hepp, M. Hoffmann, O. Stroyuk, A. Vetter, M. Hemsendorf, D. Tegtmeyer, F. Talkenberg, M. Menz, M. Baier, R. Schüler, L. Lüer, C. Camus, C. Buerhop-Lutz, J. Hauch, I.M. Peters, C.J. Brabec Information
2020 Advanced Fault Detection and Diagnosis with AI Techniques M. Chang, J.-L. Li, K.H. Chen, Y.-S. Chen, L. Wang Information
2020 Role of Wafer Thickness in Performance of Silicon Heterojunction Solar Cells O. Astakhov, T. Merdzhanova, D. Weigand, L. Wolf, A. Gad, K. Ding, U. Rau Information
2020 Improving the Reliability of a Solar Road PV Module M. Vite, A. Boulanger, D.R. Heslinga, R. De Bettignies, J. Gaume, F. Chabuel, E. Coquelle, J. Clatot, D. Rodriguez Gil Information
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