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2021 Do North-Facing BIPV Facades in Europe Make Sense? A. Virtuani, A. Fairbrother, F. Lisco, L.-E. Perret Aebi, N. Wyrsch, C. Ballif Information
2021 Automatic Fault Detection and Classification in PV Systems by the Application of Machine Learning Algorithms G.D. Rupakula, D. Daßler, S. Malik, M. Ebert, R. Schmidt Information
2021 Interplay of IBC Cell's Front Surface Doping, Passivation Quality, and Stability under Ultraviolet Light Exposure H. Chu, V. Kuruganti, R. Roescu, C. Peter, V.D. Mihailetchi Information
2021 Production and Characterization of n-Type Ingots and Wafers that are Produced of Industrial Standards O. Aydin, M. Konyar, H. Koç, E. Uçar, N. Yıldırım, F.S. Yıldırım, M. Çetmeli, F. Es Information
2021 Demonstration of Feeding VIPV-Converted Energy into the High-Voltage On-Board Network of Practical Light Commercial Vehicles for Range Extension R. Peibst, H. Fischer, S. Wöhe, R. Wecker, F. Haase, H. Schulte-Huxel, S. Blankemeyer, M. Köntges, C. Hollemann, R. Brendel, G. Wetzel, J. Krügener, H.-J. Nonnenmacher, H. Mehlich, A. Salavei, K. Ding, A. Lambertz, B.E. Pieters, S. Janke, B. Stannowski, L. Korte, M. Brunner, S. Lutz, A. Schiessl, A. Semmelmann, R. Steib Information
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