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2021 Yield Potential of Vehicle Integrated Photovoltaics on Commercial Trucks and Vans C. Kutter, L.E. Alanis, D.H. Neuhaus, M. Heinrich Information
2021 Towards Ultra-Thin Silicon Solar Cells for High Specific Power Applications Y. Lan, M. Delos Santos, D. Lai, X. Yan, A. Danner Information
2021 Optimal Allocation Method for a Fair Distribution of the Benefits in an Energy Community V. Casalicchio, G. Manzolini, M.G. Prina, D. Moser Information
2021 How Will Network Impacts of Distributed PV, Electric Vehicles, and Heat Pumps Depend on Local Context and Where Is Flexibility Most Needed? A Geographically Disaggregated Study across Great Britain S. Few, P. Djapic, G. Strbac, J. Nelson, C. Candelise Information
2021 Quantifying Performance Loss Rates of Photovoltaic Modules Using Ground-Based vs Satellite-Based Meteorological Data E. Ă–zkalay, A. Virtuani, A. Fairbrother, A. Skoczek, G. Friesen, C. Ballif Information
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