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2019 LPCVD In-Situ n-Type Doped Polysilicon Process Throughput Optimization and Implementation into an Industrial Solar Cell Process Flow R.C.G. Naber, B.W.H. van de Loo, J.R.M. Luchies Information
2019 PV O&M Optimization by AI Practice M.Y. Chang, C.-C. Hsu, K.H. Chen, T.P. Hsu, K. Wei, K. Chuang, Y.-S. Chen Information
2019 Evaluation of Soiling Effects on PV Modules and Development of Innovative Low Cost Cleaning Solutions: Some Outputs of Soleil Inno-PV Project A. Barhdadi, D. Dahlioui, B. Laarabi, S.M. Alaoui, M. Rhourri, Y. Rouas, A. Said, J. Boardman, G. Dambrine, E. Menard Information
2019 An Innovative PVT Hybrid Module for Positive Energy Buildings - An Example of Implementation in France L. Brottier, J.-M. Drap, R. Bennacer Information
2019 Lightweight PV Module Approach - Field Test Study and Yield Evaluation S. Schindler, D. Götz, D. Daßler Information
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