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2019 Soldering Challenges in Multibusbar Interconnection Assembly N.S. Pujari, J. Sundaramurthy, S. Sarkar, C. Bilgrien Information
2019 Investigation of State Change of Finger Metallization due to Corrosion in Crystalline Silicon Photovoltaic Module T. Semba Information
2019 Effect of Curing Temperature on Properties of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate (EVA) Used for Crystalline Silicon Solar Module Encapsulation B. Adothu, A.K. Singh, S. Kumar, S. Zele, S. Mallick Information
2019 Innovative Recycling of End of Life Silicon PV Panels: Materials Recovering and Glass Re-Use C. Audoin, P. Cerchier, K. Brunelli, L. Pezzato, M. Dabala, M. Tammaro, G. Sabia, A. Attanasio, A. Nisi, T. Sessa, H. Suitner, J.P. Rakotoniaina Information
2019 Angular Response Measurement of Thin-Film PV Modules with Solar Simulators W. Herrmann, S. Schaaf, L. Rimmelspacher, J.B. Castro Information
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