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2019 Bifacial Amorphous Si Quintuple-Junction Solar Cells for IoT Devices with High Open-Circuit Voltage of 3.5V under Low Illuminance M. Konagai, R. Sasaki Information
2019 From the Hot Carrier Solar Cell to the Intermediate Band Solar Cell, Passing through the Multiple-Exciton Generation Solar Cell and Then Back to the Hot Carrier Solar Cell: The Dance of the Electro-Chemical Potentials A. Martí Vega Information
2019 Techno-Economic Analysis of Half-Cell Modules - The Impact of Half-Cells on Module Power and Costs M. Mittag, A. Pfreundt, J. Shahid, N. Wöhrle, D.H. Neuhaus Information
2019 Laser-Assisted Bonding (LAB) and Hybrid Underfill Technology for Module Fabrication Based on Silicon Back Contact Solar Cell K.-S. Choi, J. Joo, S.H. Moon, Y.-S. Eom Information
2019 Technological and Ecological Assessment of Concepts for Sustainable Photovoltaics G. Oreski, A. Omazic, G.C. Eder, Y. Voronko, L. Neumaier, C. Hirschl, M. Wellacher, T. Dobra, M. Aarnio-Winterhof, N. Lenck, H. Figl, A. Wolfberger Information
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