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2019 PV Module Index: How to Identify the Most Reliable, Highest Performing, Quality Product C. Kedir, C. Beitel Information
2019 Enhanced Material Quality in SMART Mono-Si Block Cast Ingots by Introduction of Functional Defects S. Riepe, P. Krenckel, Y. Hayama, A. Hess, T. Trötschler, K. Kutsukake, S. Maus, F. Schindler, N. Usami Information
2019 Corrosion Mechanism of Anodized PV Frame in the Accelerated Salt Spray Test H.-H. Hsieh, W. Kai, F.-P. Cheng, J.-F. Wen Information
2019 Correlating Template Properties with the Quality of Epitaxially Grown Silicon Wafers M. Drießen, T. Fehrenbach, L. Kirste, C. Weiss, S. Janz Information
2019 Angular Response Measurement of Thin-Film PV Modules with Solar Simulators W. Herrmann, S. Schaaf, L. Rimmelspacher, J.B. Castro Information
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